Money Changers...Re-enter the Temple! 

The growing popularity of "Prosperity Gospel" prompts The Kings of Mongrel Folk to contribute to Prosperity Gospel hymnody 

                God Hates a Loser  

God hates a loser and he knows the score 
I'm talking to you sir down on the floor 
All of us are sinners but if you're a winner 
God's saving your dinner on a plate of pure gold 
And God hates a loser 

God helps those who help themselves 
So help yourself and go back for seconds 
You won't go to hell on the day of reckoning 
All of us are sinners but if…

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Commemorating Woody Guthrie 

In the hundredth anniversary of Woody Guthrie's birth The Kings of Mongrel Folk celebrate Woody's musical descendants with a protest song against folk singers 

 The Ballad of Wouldbe Guthrie 

I started out in college in the year of 69 
I rambled out, I rambled up, I rambled down the line 
I know each and every song that Woody Guthrie ever penned 
And if he'd only met me I'd have been his dearest friend 

I've travelled every highway in this great and troubled land 
With my blue jeans, my work shirt and my guitar…

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The Kings Pontificate on Climate Science and Economics 

The Kings of Mongrel Folk would like to join with Wall Street in wishing you all the best in the coming era of Global Climate Change. 

When there's peace we've got money 
When there's war we've got guns 
When there's gold in a sunbeam then we'll own the sun 
When the green revolution begins the beguine 
You can have the solution 'cause we'll have the green 

While the winds are a blowin' the windmills will spin 
It's a big wheel of fortune and we're bound to win 
When the Lord sets the table there's one thing for…

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The Kings of Mongrel Folk!!

North City Bistro, 1520 NE 177th St, Shoreline, WA

Mark Graham and Orville Johnson step out of the phone booth (obsolete pop culture reference) in their Kings of Mongrel Folk!!™ outfits, ready to rain down truth, justice, and the Mongrolian way on anyone that dares to set foot in the lovely North City Bistro! All in good fun, with good food, wine, and music to match!!!


North City Bistro

North City Bistro, 1520 NE 177th St, Shoreline, WA

The Kings return to the North City bringing merriment and mirth!!! join in!!


The Kings of mongrel folk

North City Bistro, 1520 NE 177th St, Shoreline, WA

Kings Mark and Orville return to the bistro to regale their subjects. Rejoice!!!

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