Commemorating Woody Guthrie

In the hundredth anniversary of Woody Guthrie's birth The Kings of Mongrel Folk celebrate Woody's musical descendants with a protest song against folk singers 

 The Ballad of Wouldbe Guthrie 

I started out in college in the year of 69 
I rambled out, I rambled up, I rambled down the line 
I know each and every song that Woody Guthrie ever penned 
And if he'd only met me I'd have been his dearest friend 

I've travelled every highway in this great and troubled land 
With my blue jeans, my work shirt and my guitar in my hand 
There's a gal in every town that I can stay with for the night 
And ramblin' and folk singing build a hearty appetite 

I've played in every benefit, supported every cause 
We'll build a better world with all your cash and wild applause 
We'll talk of one big union and how the working man is king 
And while the working man is working we'll go ramble 'round and sing 

I'm a poet of the people so my songs don't always rhyme 
And my words and folky music don't quite meet up right all of the time 
But it's straight out from my heart and soul and sometimes from my mind 
Which is parked behind my wallet where the sun don't ever shine