Money Changers...Re-enter the Temple!

The growing popularity of "Prosperity Gospel" prompts The Kings of Mongrel Folk to contribute to Prosperity Gospel hymnody 

                God Hates a Loser  

God hates a loser and he knows the score 
I'm talking to you sir down on the floor …


Commemorating Woody Guthrie

In the hundredth anniversary of Woody Guthrie's birth The Kings of Mongrel Folk celebrate Woody's musical descendants with a protest song against folk singers 

 The Ballad of Wouldbe Guthrie 

I started out in college in the year of 69 


The Kings Pontificate on Climate Science and Economics

The Kings of Mongrel Folk would like to join with Wall Street in wishing you all the best in the coming era of Global Climate Change. 

When there's peace we've got money 
When there's war we've got guns 
When there's…