The Kings of Mongrel Folk


The Kings of Mongrel Folk™


The first eponymously titled album by the mighty Kings of MongrelFolk. People were startled by the audacity of such humor, puffery, and tomfoolery! Some believe they haven't gotten over it yet! Music critics would call this album "pointedly fruity yet quaffable".

1. Last Words, 2. Everybody Ought to Change, 3. Blueprint for the Blues, 4. Their Brains Were Small, 5. Hoof n' Mouth, 6. Billy Gray, 7. Stormy Weather, 8. Oedipus Rex, 9. Tap Dancin' on the Moon, 10. When Love Has Gone Away, 11. Neighbor of the Beast, 12. Highlander's Farewell/Old Shoemaker/Dunbar, 13. Monkey with a Typewriter, 14. Freedom for the Stallion

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